Learn Lessons (Good and Bad) From Your Past Career

mirrorIf you are not at your last job there is a reason. Sometimes these reasons are out of our control, other times the job did not give you what you needed. I call these “lessons,” and of course they can be good or bad. I help you really dig into these reasons and with this knowledge we put into place a plan to learn what was good and/or bad from that experience. If it was a good career lesson be sure that success follows you and you want to repeat those experiences.   If it was a bad lesson you need a strategy to use the lesson to never let it happen again.

Gordon takes clients through a retrospective analysis of their past career.
  • What was meaningful, satisfying, rewarding?
  • What accomplishments/successes still make you proud?
  • What “highlights” do you remember?
  • What feedback was meaningful and motivating?
  • What was more fun than work?
  • Lessons can be learned from experiences both on the job and elsewhere in life.

Of course, there is a “flip side” to that coin.  What have you done that you genuinely don’t want to do in your future?  What can you learn from frustrations and failures?

Gordon helps clients learn from the best and worst from their past and what elements/components to seek or avoid in their future career. With over 30 years helping people with their career decisions and plans I can quickly help you identify and implement these lessons. Call for a free consult 303.931.5179.