Networking In Person And Using Linkedin

five smiling businesspeople are standing in a row

Networking is the single most important strategy of your job search.

Connections, relationships, referrals, contacts, recommendations, and introductions are key elements in successful job seeking.


Gordon has “networked” in Boulder for decades. He leads BoulderNet, a community job search networking group that assists many to find good jobs:

Gordon teaches the skills of networking, helping clients learn the process and the opportunities, and be more motivated to actively pursue networking as part of their job search.

Acknowledge that this is netWORK, that it truly takes effort. Few call this netFUN.

It is very valuable to reconnect with former colleagues, classmates, friends, neighbors, relatives, and more to actively pursue your job candidacy. You will ultimately get the job because of your skills and competency; to get TO the job may take some networking and referrals.

There are unlimited opportunities to network; the job seeker needs to have an opportunistic perspective to seek out these opportunities.

Networking is traditionally and mainly in person. Electronic networking through LinkedIn can be also effective. Polishing your profile to focus on your skills and accomplishments enhances the likelihood of you being found and others remembering and referring you.

Being intentionally active on LinkedIn is important in your job search: actively make connections, participate in groups, and be visible.

Gordon helps clients polish their LinkedIn Profile and productively use this electronic means of networking.

John Heckers, former career editor for the Denver Business Journal: “Almost all decent jobs at every level are gotten by networking, not resumes, not headhunters, not job boards, and not knocking on doors. Too many people don’t take networking seriously.Take it seriously. Your livelihood depends on it.