Learn About Career Options Resources

Career OptionsInformation available to explore career options using four websites:
www.online.onetcenter.org – A comprehensive detailing of occupations offered by the U. S. Department of Labor.  For thousands of career fields you can learn: 1) the details of the work, 3) work environments where this occupation performs, 4) necessary preparation for this occupation, 5) salary ranges and projected occupational outlook. This is the single best source for occupational information.

www.careerinfonet.org – Nationwide information from the Workforce Centers related to the job market:  careers in demand, fastest growing fields, best paying, etc.

www.colmigateway.com – Colorado specific labor market information from the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment

www.collegeincolorado.org – An internet portal of all post-secondary education in Colorado, searchable by academic field, location, degree level, college or school.  This includes information on universities, colleges, community colleges, and private career skill schools.

Informational Interviews

In addition to learning data related to careers on these websites, Gordon advocates learning about careers options through conversations called Informational Interviews.  This is the process of getting first hand insights from people doing the work.  People are very approachable for these conversations, especially those who enjoy their careers.  They will be flattered that you are considering their satisfying career and, generally, will be pleased to share their experience, insights and advice related to the career field.

Gordon offers excellent instruction on this process, and opens his network to clients for referrals.  A comprehensive web tutorial with excellent questions to ask is: www.livecareer.com/quintessential/informational-interviewing

Attractive Career Options Which Are Occupied by Others

While in career transition you should constantly be observant of others’ careers that are attractive to you.  As you interact and network be especially observant of career fields and jobs others’ have that could be right for you.  These observations and inspirations can lead to informational Interviews.

Gordon has participated in informational interviewing his whole career receiving many seeking to learn about the career counseling profession and referring many clients to pursue informational interviews.