Job Search Tips

Job Search Boulder Tips

Usually the person hired is not best at doing the job, but is best at getting the job.

The process of looking for a job can be long, frustrating, and lonesome. Too much time at the computer hearing nothing, or worse hearing “no” can be very frustrating to those job hunting. Old processes and rules are gone and the contemporary job search requires very different tactics and strategies. Gordon offers JOB SEARCH COACHING to help clients with the strategies, methods, tactics, and processes to successfully acquire the right job for you. Gordon has spent his entire adult life at the intersection of applicants and employers and understands the dynamics and behavior of the job market. Certainly, the time spent in searching for a job will be lessened with Gordon’s coaching.

Gordon’s job search topics include:

Resume writing, editing, formatting, focusing; also employer correspondence

Job Search Tactics and Methods to increase the likelihood of getting the employers’ attention

Networking and Linkedin – the most important tactics in your job search

Focusing on the Employers’ Needs and how you can solve problems and satisfy needs

Interview and Preparation Skills – Get the offer!