Job Search Methods, Strategies And Tactics

job-search-methods-strategies-tacticsGordon is expert at coaching clients on how to successfully pursue a successful job search by effectively varying their tactics on their job search.

Conceptualize three components:
  • REACTIVE – respond to known vacancies
  • PROACTIVE – initiate contact with potential employers
  • INTERACTIVE – network, network, and more network.

Acknowledge that the minority of jobs are ever communicated as vacancies.  The applicant needs to go way beyond the “job boards” to identify and network within target companies and actively pursue organizations and employers.  Pursue the “hidden job market.”

Research is key!

Remember you must know what are the problems and needs of the employer and how you can address those problems and/or needs.

Free data bases in public libraries that can give a much deeper insight into the company (much deeper than the job requirements, company website or LinkedIn or GlassDoor)
  • Reference USA
  • Gale Business Collection
  • Business Source Premier

Contact with the hiring manager is MUCH more important than H.R.  HR will process you as an applicant and has the authority to reject you, but the hiring manager makes the final decision to hire you.

Know Thyself


Networking within the company is important – current employers, former employers, contractors, vendors, competitors, etc.  You will learn more deeply about the company, position, and hiring manager.  Use LinkedIn and additional networking methods.

Always focus on what you OFFER not what your need.

Gordon offers expert coaching on successful methods, tactics and processes to penetrate the “hidden job market” and thereby land the next job sooner.