Learn Interview Skills And Preparation

Polish up your Interview Skills

Interview preparation significantly pays off!  Steps in preparation:
  1. Be comfortable talking about yourself to strangers; articulate your skills, accomplishments, interests, values, passions, and goals. Gordon is expert at helping you with the significant career planning, which this requires.
  2. Research the organization and person(s) interviewing.
  3. Identify PROBLEMS you can solve
  4. Identify NEEDS you can satisfy
  5. Identify PAIN you can alleviate
    • Learn and use the vocabulary of the career field and organization.
    • Have “pre-considered” answers to expected questions, including “behavioral questions.” Be ready with situations, examples, accomplishments, context, results; appropriate use of measures and metrics.
    • Prepare your questions to the employer.

Gordon has years of experience coaching clients on these steps in interview preparation.

To get the interview you have already passed objective screening.  At the interview the objective screening continues – can you do the job? Also, as important, in the interview you are going through subjective screening – do I like this candidate? Do I see energy and confidence?  Would I enjoy working with this person?  Through the interview, the employer is trying to assess:
  • Can you do the job?
  • Do you want this job?
  • Will you fit in this organization?

Have your examples and situations ready for answers to “behavioral questions” – tell me a situation – give me an example.

Gordon has interviewed and hired hundreds of people, and coached many clients on interviewing skills.  Gordon offers practice interviews to improve performance.