Focus On Employers’ Needs

employers-needsAcknowledge that jobs represent needs, problems and pain that the employer or his/her organization has.

The more your job candidacy is focused on:
  • how you can satisfy the employers’ needs
  • how you can solve the employers’ problems
  • how you can alleviate the employers’ pain

The more you will get the attention of the employer.

Your job search needs to have significant research;  digging way deeper than the job description or the company’s LinkedIn information.

Use business publications like Biz West, the Northern Colorado Business Journal, and The Denver Business Journal

Three resources free from public libraries to research your next employer:
  1. Reference USA,to identify potential employers
  2. Business Source Premier, to research potential employers
  3. Gale Business Collection, to access company research and articles about the company in trade publications

Significant employer research can be accomplished through networking with those who know about your target employer.

Gordon has helped hundreds of clients learn more about their target employer and therefore be more competitive as a candidate.

Usually you must process your candidacy through H.R., but it is advantageous to pursue your candidacy directly to the hiring manager who has the needs, problems, and pain.

Always focus on what you offer as opposed to what you need.