Start With Career Skills Identification


Thoughtful analysis and identification of:
  1. What career skills you have mastered in your life? Experience
  2. What skills are you truly competent at? Competence
  3. What skills, the use of which gives you satisfaction and enjoyment? Satisfaction

It is very important to use those career skills in which you are competent and those that are satisfying to use.

Skills are learned and applied; as contrasted with traits, characteristics, or strengths which come naturally.  These are gifts from God.

People usually can identify those career skills that took some genuine effort to learn.  People less frequently identify those skills that came naturally and didn’t take great effort to acquire.

Create a “short list” of those career skills at which you are most competent, give you the most satisfaction and that employers seek.

For career clarity, Gordon offers a counseling process of clarifying the clients’ skills, strengths and characteristics, the outcome of which is to pursue a career/job that uses your most important skills.

Seek feedback from colleagues/friends/loved ones on what they see as your skills.

Reflect on how you respect the skills of others, and hope to acquire and use those skills.

Reflect when you have used the skills in your short list and how you felt.

Reflect when will you use the skills in your short list and project how you will feel.

Have you taken a character strength assessment test?

Free Character Strengths assessment:

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